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Black Lodge Customs was begun by Mr. Badger in early 2009. It began as a simple custom figure, a Cyborg Infiltrator based upon the titular character, 'The Terminator,' played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was sold with a prototype Minigun, Ammo Chain, and prototype Longslide pistol. It was first sold in June at BrickWorld 2009. After that, at BrickFair 2009, Mr. Badger revealed a second piece, the Resistance Trooper. Black Lodge soon became a staple at Brick Convetions, and it is believed Mr. Badger has more in store for next year.

Black Lodge Customs ProductsEdit

There are currently 4 products released by Black Lodge. They all sold out quickly at their respective conventions.

  • Cyborg Infiltrator. Based upon the Terminator character. Was sold with a prototype Minigun, Ammo Chain, and M47 Shotgun, and the newly Longslide Pistol. It was also sold with a collectible, numbered card, and was priced at $25.
  • Resistance Trooper. Was sold with AC8 Assault Rifle, Ammo Clip, Bipod, Frag Grenades, and two revealed prototypes, the High Caliber Sniper Rifler (HCSR) and the Combat PDW. It was also priced at $25.
  • Shock Trooper. Was based upon soldiers from an anime movie, called the Jin-Roh. Was sold with MG42, P08 Luger, M1 Carbine, MP44 Vampir, and a bronze ammo LMG tab. 100 were made, and were each sold for $25.
  • Rocket Commando. Based upon steampunk jetpack troopers. Was sold with Retro Raygun, Heavy Blaster Pistol, Bayonet, Lewis Gun, U-clip, 2 M6 Rockets, and Badger's custom jetpack design. Sold for $25 each.

Black Lodge Custom RiddlesEdit

The Cyborg Infiltrator was hinted in one of Badger's famous riddles. The riddle was,

"Wedding dance, extended"
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The riddled Longslide makes an appearance

Badger later explained that: Wedding dance = The Electric Slide Extended = Long

Combined, the two answers became "Slide-long," or "Longslide," as in, "Longslide Pistol".


  • Upon being asked about the name 'Black Lodge Customs,' Mr. Badger, despite being gone for two years, nervously replied that, "I'm not gonna talk about Judy. In fact, we're not gonna talk Judy at all; we're gonna keep her out of it." After questioning the front desk of his disappearance, it was revealed he was never there.