An assortment of Brickarms accessories


Brickarms are a custom element in the Lego Universe, made by Will Chapman of Redmond, Washington, and mass-produced and sold at They are miniature, plastic weaponry, designed for a multitude of themes, including but not limited to:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Modern Warfare


  • World War II
which all include sub-themes (Star Wars, Pre-WWI Weaponry, Special Operations) and are all designed to work with official TLG elements. Brickarms are held in high regard by the Lego community, especially so by Minifig Customization communities.
NWBC06 1

Series 1's 8 accessories

History of BrickarmsEdit

Brickarms began in 2006, as a request by Will's youngest son to design him WWII weaponry for his minifigures. Will began designing the figures and molding them, and this small request soon became a company. Series 1 was launched in 2006 on the website, with 8 weapons in the black color option included. These 8 accessories quickly became 16, 32, and currently 43 Brickarms accessories, not counting discontinued pieces and prototypes.

Brickarms ThemesEdit

Brickarms are spread across numerous themes. There are 4 main themes, and each theme has sub-themes within it. The list of main themes includes:

Outlaw Leader 1

A Western Outlaw wields the threatening Brickarms Mini-gun

  • Modern Combat
  • Weapons of History
  • World War Era
    Rapier Gallery 1

    Captain Redbeard equips himself with a Brickarms Rapier

  • Sci-Fi Weaponry

and their numerous sub-themes include:

  • Special Operations
  • Steampunk
  • Acopalego
  • Pirates
  • Castle
  • Western
  • Bladerunner
  • Halo
  • Adventurers
  • RoboCop


  • Civillian

These themes are often grouped together into weapon packs.

Brickarms SeriesEdit

Brickarms are released in waves, or series. There have been 4 series to date (January 1st, 2010.)

Brickarms PrototypesEdit

Brickarms Prototypes are rough designs, home injected by Will, which are brought to Lego conventions, shown off on the forums, and given away by Will and Mr. Badger as contest prizes. Their existence is to show the fans what Will is working on. Prototypes are, more often than not, realized as fully molded, mass-produced items.