Since 2008, Brickarms has become unable to make certain accessories. Though Will has not specified why, he assures the Forums there was nothing he could've done. These rare weapons include:

  • Unsuppressed PPK and scopeless M47
  • Medkit
  • Briefcase Uzi (Brown Suitcase Variant)
  • M1 Helmet
  • Multiple Minifigures

While Will Chapman has not stated the cause of the discontinuation of the G36, MP5, PSG-1, and MP7, it is widely believed and generally accepted that H&K sent Will a cease-and-desist letter, forcing the H&K-inspired weapons out of production. However, this is entirely unconfirmed, is merely speculation, and has often been denied by Will or Badger.

Will Chapman has stated that the Medkit may come back.

The M1 helmet was created by Oxford, a knockoff brand.

However, recently, the G36 Assault Rifle, MP5 Submachine Gun, PSG-1 Sniper Rifle, and MP7 PDW have returned in the form of the Modern Combat pack under new names, Assault Carbine, Combat Submachine Gun, Precision Sniper Rifle, and Tactical PDW, respectively.