Poster Featuring Numerous Series 2 Releases

Series 2 was released in 2007. Series 2 included 13 new weapons. Series 2 introduced new concepts such as grenades, sci-fi weapons, and the idea of other colors.

Series 2 included:

  • M23 Pistol/M23 SOCOM
  • PPK Spy Pistol/2 PPK Tacticals
  • 4 M67 Frag Grenades
  • M41A Pulse Rifle
  • 2 Micro Uzi SMG's
  • 2 C96 Mausers
  • 2 SW500 Magnum Pistols
  • M47 Tactical Shotgun
  • 2 M24 Stielhandgranates

and the discontinued:

  • G36 Assault Rifle
  • M47 Shotgun (Normal)

Future of Series 2Edit

It has been stated by Will and Badger that the PPK Spy Pistol will be discontinued, as theis piece is made by simply cutting off the tactical accessories of the weapon's variant. However, the M23 pistol, which also has a tactical variant, was added to the new mold, so it will not be discontinued.

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