WW2 US Sargent Gallery 2

Will Chapman's "Sig-Fig," a US Army Sergeant

Personal HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Mr. Will Chapman, the man behind the Brickarms Warfare. Will was shown to have an interest in weapons at a young age. Will currently lives in Redmond, Washington, with his family of 3 children and his wife. Will's father, uncle, and grandfather have all been in military service, which perhaps explains a lot.

Over more than 30 years ago, a young Will begins his path on the way to plastic Nirvana.

 Will Chapman is an AFOL, and apparently, a trainhead. His favorite brickarms is the minigun.

The Beginning of BrickarmsEdit

Brickarms began in 2006, when Will's youngest son requested his help in designing WWII-era weapons to equip Lego minifigures with. Will in his own words says, "What began as a request in 2006 by my youngest son (then 9 years old) for World War II weapons has grown into a business that now produces 45 different weapons, weapons packs, and custom minifigs that are prized by collectors worldwide" In 2006, Brickarms began producing the first 8 items (known as "Series 1") which consisted of the:

  • RPG Rocket Grenade
  • MP40 SMG
  • M1A1 Thompson SMG
  • AK Assault Rifle
  • Colt M1911 Handgun
  • M4 Carbine

and the now discontinued:

  • PSG-1 Sniper Rifle
  • MP5 SMG

Will and ConventionsEdit

Will Chapman and his family often visit Lego Conventions as vendors. There they speak with fans, give out and sell Brickarms accessories, participate and supply building parties, and give back to the community.
BC2008 Gallery 2

This picture shows only a portion of the hectic day Will and his family trudge through at conventions.

Often, Will reveals new and exciting designs and Brickarms prototypes (often shortened to BAP) while he also sells exclusive figures, special colors, and hard-to-find pieces.
BC2008 Gallery 9

Here, over 1,000 troops are armed with Brickarms accessories at BrickCon 2008

Will and The ForumsEdit

Mr. Chapman is also known to frequent the official Brickarms forums at least once a day. Often, Will merely signs on to check out some quick stuff. However, other times, Will will:

  • Announce Brickarms-related news
  • Judge contest entries
  • Answer questions  
  • Talk about new Brickarms accessories

While the man is only able to visit the forums every so often, Will is able to communicate with his favorite aspect to the Brickarms world: the fans!

Will Chapman TodayEdit

Now, Will Chapman continues to wow his community with new bigger and better accessories, with Wave 1 of Series 4 being released in April 2009. It is clear Will Chapman will continue to provide cheap, quality custom elements for the Lego community.